Thursday, April 12, 2007

We have scheduled public events almost entirely for evenings or the weekend to allow the widest possible participation by non-students and those who will have to travel to attend.

All events are offered without charge. Items marked ** are open to the public.

Thursday (04/12/07)

7:00 pm: Pre-symposium presentation by Clare Kitson on her recent book, Yuri Norstein and Tale of Tales: An Animator’s Journey

Friday (04/13/07)

8:30 am: Tours of CCAD animation studios and demonstrations by CCAD faculty and students
10:00 am: Talk show and panel discussions (interactive with audience)
1:30 pm: Symposium welcome address: Ron Saks, CCAD Department Chair for Time Based Media
2:00 pm: Jayne Pilling: Gender Issues in and around Animated Films
4:00 pm: Joanna Quinn: Independent Artist and Commercial Entrepreneur
7:30 pm: Screening of animated films by women

Saturday (04/14/07)

10:00 am: Tamara Lusher-Stocker, CCAD Class of 1990: A Heralded CCAD Alumna
2:00 pm: Clare Kitson: An Advocate’s View of the Changing Face of British Animation
4:30 pm: Sari Gennis: An Animator’s View of the Changing Face of Animation

Sunday (04/15/07)

1:00 pm: Rebecca Allen: The Digital Media World
3:30 pm: Jinko Gotoh: From 2D to 3D
7:30 pm: Screening of animated films by women

Monday (04/16/07)

All Day: Presentations** A Recruiters’ Guide to Preparing for a Career In Animation
Independent recruiters Ila Abramson of I Spy Recruiting and Rachelle Lewis of Rachelle Lewis Talent will co-present.
Presentation by Sabrina de los Rios, recruiter for Blue Sky Studios, creators of Ice Age, Robots and Ice Age 2.

Rachelle Lewis and Ila Abramson will conduct open portfolio and demo reel critiques for feedback and career guidance purposes. Sabrina de los Rios will conduct closed portfolio and demo reel reviews for specific Blue Sky Studios job openings.

7:30 pm Roundtable Discussion


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